I have gotten a bunch of forwards, which I had sort of made a policy decision not to post here, because I want this to be a place for personal responses.

But I thought I'd put up a few links to the originals of the forwarded things when I find them especially powerful.

These links will probably expire at some point, so read them soon if you are interested.

from my friend Tabby King comes this essay by Ian McEwan

from my friend Zoe Garnett comes this essay by Michael Moore

from my friend Ellis Vener comes this portfolio of images by James Nachtwey. (click on "Agency", then browse Nachtwey's images.)

from my friend Lillian Clagett comes this essay by Thomas Friedman

from my friend Carron Leon comes this article from The Onion

from my friend Ginny Noonan comes this tribute to the rescue workers of New York.

from my friend Zoe Garnett comes this poem by Maya Angelou.

from my friend Nurit Tilles comes this link to the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

from my friend Zoe Garnett comes this poem by Suheir Hammad

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