I received the following email today via Kathy Supové.

The author of this essay, a good friend and contributor to a music magazine of which I am Editor in Chief, died unexpectedly on November 1 of this year. Her injuries were apparently more severe than anyone thought, although in the weeks before her death she had gone back to work and was improving steadily. She was a very religious and observant woman, she prayed 5 times a day and yet was very modern and very American. Somehow she found a way to balance her faith and the modern world, and she did it skillfully, writing for us, going to clubs with her friends and helping raise the children of a widowed friend, acting as something of a 'big sister' to them. She was our friend, an energetic and positive spirit of the sort I have seldom seen before, and will be very sorely missed.

Our friend's family has requested that her name not be released;any concerned person would be asked to make a contribution to any charity for Afghan relief such as UNICEF in her honor and of people like her.

Samuel Adler, Editor in Chief
TC Media

This is a photograph of a very brave woman in Kabul, taken last week. I am posting it in honor of Samuel and Kathy's friend, whom I never met or even spoke with. I find myself reading and re-reading her words in her memory.

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