A couple of weeks ago, WNYC's George Preston asked me if I would give him a playlist of music appropriate for this time.

I decided to limit my choices to music by American composers from the last twenty-five years.

Here's the list I gave him.

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composer title label year
01 John Adams Common Tones in Simple Time Nonesuch 1980
02 Laurie Anderson Oh Superman WEA/Warner 1982
03 William Duckworth Turtle Dove, from Southern Harmony Lovely Music 1981
04 Janice Giteck Om Shanti (first mvt) New Albion 1992
05 Michael Gordon Weather III Nonesuch 1999
06 Jerry Hunt Volta (Kernel) CRI 1977
07 Ben Johnston String Quartet #4, Amazing Grace Nonesuch 1973
08 Aaron Jay Kernis A Song on the End of the World CRI 1990
09 Phil Kline from Unsilent Night Cantaloupe 1992
10 David Lang Orpheus Over and Under CRI 1989
11 Daniel Lentz Postludium New Albion 1973
12 Annea Lockwood from Thousand Year Dreaming What Next 1992
13 Meredith Monk Do You Be ECM 1986
14 Robert Moran Seven Sounds Unseen Catalyst 1992
15 Pauline Oliveros from The Beauty of Sorrow Ellipsis Arts 1987
16 Steve Reich from The Cave Nonesuch 1993
17 Blue Gene Tyranny The Country Boy Country Dog Intro Lovely Music 1984

Tomorrow night (Saturday 11.10 @ 8 pm), he's going to play the Kernis, the Monk, and the Reich (is that some kind of trinity or what?!?!) on a program called Whole Tones: Music of Healing and Renewal, on which I'm appearing as a guest. (The show is archived: you can hear it over the internet. I don't know how long it'll stay up though.) And I'm imagining he'll include more of these pieces as WNYC returns to a regular schedule. (WNYC's operations were severely disrupted by the attack.)

Speaking of music of healing and renewal, David First has written and recorded a really beautiful song called Jump Back, which you can hear on his website. He's also giving out copies of the song in his neighborhood (he lives 2.5 blocks from the WTC), which is an act of healing and renewal if ever there was one.

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