okay, a new story.

a couple of days ago I had breakfast with my friend linda golding, and she mentioned that she has a friend who needed some help putting up a song on a website. she asked me if I could help out. I said sure, imagining that it was technical help they needed.

so yesterday afternoon I'm rehearsing with my friend taimur sullivan and the phone rings. It's this guy richard and it turns out he's already converted the song to mp3, it's that he needs a site to PUT the song on.

now those of you who know me know perfectly well that I am as self-absorbed and narcissistic as any artist, (well, not as bad as stockhausen, but that's another story, right?!?), and also that I'm being very careful on this part of my site not to do anything that might be construed as self-promotion or career advancement or anything like that. I'm not putting my OWN music on this part of the site.

plus, I hadn't even heard this song!

but these people are friends of linda, and I said I would help out, and these days are different.

so last night elli and her friend show up at my house with elli's song. they are lovely people. elli tells me that she wrote it in 1986 for a hunger initiative, and that it is sort of a "we are the world" kind of song, and that she hopes it is a healing song and wants it to be distributed as widely as possible.

then she asks me if I know anyone who was lost in the disaster. I say no, but I have several friends who lost a friend: two degrees of separation. (I think this is true of virtually everyone in New York.) And I suddenly realize that I have two degrees of separation with these people who are standing here in my house with their CD master.

so here it is: a quicktime version which should have loaded by now if you've read this far, and a higher quality mp3 version which is big enough that you should probably download it to your own computer to listen to it unless you have a fast connection to the internet. (also, my host server has been crippled by the virus that hit around the world the last few days, so it's been running a little slowly.)

.mov version

mp3 version

Standing in the Light
copyright 1986 Elli Frye and Golden Torch Music
Music by Elli Frye
Lyrics by Terry Cox
Artists: Thomas Young and Leata Galloway