here is a page of links to a selection of the personal responses I got to my mass email and this online journal throughout the day yesterday.

I'm not posting anywhere near all the responses you wrote, although I thank every one of you, nor am I posting forwarded stuff that I'm reasonably sure all of us has seen, even though some of the forwarded mail is powerful, informative, compelling. I'm listing the selection in the order you sent them to me. Part of what I love about your responses is their variety, and the snapshot effect of listing them by time of arrival seems right to me. Some (like the two Davids) are eyewitness reports about the first days, but I left them in the order I received them, rather than the order in which they were written...

dennis bathory-kitsz (vermont)

tony de mare (nyc)

gale zoe garnett (toronto)

pam keon vitale (california)

richard einhorn (nyc)

joseph franklin (baton rouge)

donna di novelli (nyc/hartford)

anna rubin (ohio)

gary glenn (philadelphia)

david white (nyc)

becky waters (georgia)

terry hayes (los angeles)

sharon levy (nyc)

chris jaffe (nyc/troy)

clark suprynowicz (california)

keith snyder (nyc)

charlotte schwarz (nyc)

robert hollander (princeton)

kai schwirzke (germany)

ed gast (long island)

david first (nyc)

amy rowland (houston)

dena seiden (nyc)