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7 april 2008

hi book of days visitors:

these twelve calendar pages are the structure I have created for a long-term project I conceived in 2001, a book of days of text/music/visuals, one for each day of the year.

I think of these pieces as "mulling over" pieces, made in the spirit of commonplace books, collections of found thought that please me, and of medieval books of days.

I think I've unwittingly been working on this project pretty much since I first started writing music in the early 80's. My hope is that over time, you will be able to experience this book of days not only as a quotidian and seasonal cycle, but also as a record of one life lived over how ever many years I end up being granted.

I am currently reworking the way I present work on this part of the site, so if things are a bit strange for a while, I hope it doesn't frustrate you too much!

I'm really happy to get email letting me know what you think of the project, this structure, individual "days", what tech problems you might (or might not) be having, telling me you'd like to commission a new day, and/or simply to let me know you've visited!

all best,

eve beglarian